At Cañada del Oro Pet Clinic, we offer a wide range of surgical services for your pet. Commonly performed elective procedures include spays, neuters, tumor removals, dentistry, and several other soft tissue surgeries.

Like you, our greatest concern is the well-being of your pet. Before putting your pet under anesthesia, we will perform a physical examination. Since many conditions including disorders of the liver, kidneys or blood are not detected without blood testing, we require pre-operative testing. Cañada del Oro Pet Clinic uses ISOFLURANE which is the anesthetic of choice in veterinary medicine. This anesthetic provides a higher level of safety for the patient.

All surgical patients are monitored during surgery for heart rate, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation, temperature, and blood pressure. They also have an IV catheter places and fluids for easy access if any treatments are needed.

Pain management post-surgically is also addressed on an individual basis which leads to pet comfort and smoother recovery.

Preventative Medicine

Our goal at Cañada del Oro Pet Clinic is to give our patients the best possible care. During a routine vaccination appointment, we examine the overall health of the animal. Many older pets have dental/periodontal disease, early heart disease, kidney disease, tumors, or other abnormalities. Labwork or even radiographs (x-rays) may need to be performed in order to evaluate organs, and these can be discussed during a checkup.

Depending on their size, geriatric dogs and cats can be as young as 7 years old. These animals need more thorough checkups and are evaluated for overall health and disease whenever they are seen. Yearly examinations may not be enough for our elderly patients.

The foundation for preventing and treating disease early is the wellness examination. Since our pets age quicker than we do, twice-yearly health examinations are now the standard for optimal pet health. These checkups become more important as pets become older. Many progressive disease conditions can be detected before the pet owner is aware of their presence. Vaccinating your pet on a regular basis helps prevent many fatal diseases and stimulates the immune system to respond to other challenges. When your desire, like ours, is to optimize your pet’s health, think “prevention” with wellness examinations.


Cañada del Oro Pet Clinic, uses Antech Diagnotics commercial veterinary laboratories. Diagnostic blood testing, wellness testing, pre-operative testing, repeat testing and therapeutic testing, are all used to assist the doctors in diagnosis and for the benefit of our patients. Fecal analysis, urinalysis, ear cytology, and tumor cytology are also routinely performed. Heartworm testing is recommended yearly.


One of the most common maladies seen among middle age and older dogs and cats is periodontal disease. It is estimated that more than 85% of dogs and cats over four years of age have some form of dental disease. Dental tartar, staining, gum disease, and breath odor can all be possible signs of periodontal disease. 70% disease is under the gumline, so we provide digital radiographs for dentistry for all dental procedures. Periodontal disease that is left untreated can result in severe damage to the heart, kidneys and lungs.

Dental procedures that require only dental scaling, polishing and fluoride treatment indicate the ideal frequency of dental procedures. Multiple extractions, performing gingival flaps, sealing gum pockets, and the need for long term antibiotics are all indications that the procedure has been long overdue. Generally, once dental ultrasound cleaning has been done, it is recommended that routine dental cleaning should be performed approximately every year. If tooth brushing or tartar control diets is not part of the maintenance routine, then dental cleaning may be necessary more frequently than every year.

Our goal is to optimize your pet’s life, including proper dental care and treatment.

Over-the-Counter Products

At Cañada del Oro Pet Clinic, we carry only the highest quality veterinary approved products and diets from reputable ethical veterinary distributors. We offer pet shampoos and conditioners, dental care products, pet vitamins, flea and tick prevention products (Nexgard), heartworm prevention products (Heartgard), and pet foods.
(See Hill’s Prescription diets under specialty pet diets heading)

Specialty Pet Diets

Hill’s products were the first diets developed especially for pets with health problems. Since 1948, Hill’s has been producing Prescription Diets that aid in the prevention and treatment of many health problems, such as obesity or cardiovascular disease. Hill’s also offers their Science Diets for pets without health problems. These include growth, maintenance, and senior diets for both dogs and cats, and hairball control formula just for cats.

Most recently Hill’s now offers a new diet for cancer patients ONC and a newer gastrointestinal diet BIOME for canines and felines. These are not available with any other manufacturer.

You can now order directly from Hill’s and have it delivered to your house. Just follow this link to register.





Radiography / X-Rays

Our clinic has on-premises radiology capability. X-rays can greatly assist in the diagnosis and prognosis of many disease conditions. Specialty radiology procedures such as barium series and urinary system dye studies are also available. The doctor may recommend x-rays for your pet in order to help with diagnosis and proper treatment. The procedure usually requires brief hospitalization to complete. We now offer digital x-rays which are much quicker to perform and have less radiation exposure for everyone.

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