Onyx, 11/25/09-10/23/13

Sweet “Onyx” she will be missed! Left us way to soon.

Spock, 11/01/1998-10/25/2013

“Spock” will be missed by his little sister!

Sweet Ashlee, 1/6/1996-11/20/2014

“Ashlee” was such a sweet kitty. I found her at Santa Rosa Ca. Her bother was being shown and she was up for adoption. It was my lucky day! When I got her home to meet my other kitties, Belle a Scottish Fold and Beaux a Siamese, I found out she share a birthday with Beaux, my Siamese! I lost Beaux and Belle in 2012. Ashlee was putty in your arms and let everyone hold and love her. And she loved you back by snuggling and putting her paws on your arm, leg or wherever. She had her favorite place on the couch and raced to beat you there. At the first opportunity she would hide the remote: Over the last years of her long life, she became fond of scrambled eggs and would sit at attention in the kitchen while they were prepared! She love grooming,brushing and having her nails done and being scratched on top of her head and under her chin. Sweet, sweet, Ashlee…love you and miss you!